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#DailyWritingChallenge: Curiosity

I am an incredibly curious soul and it does cause me to get involved in anything and everything just because I want to know more. Take the #DailyWritingChallenge for example, I was fascinated about what it was and wanted to know more. On discovering it,  I dived in head-first because I was curious as to whether or not I would be able to write about a given topic each day and indeed what I thought about the values listed. I find that writing is a very interesting way to discover my own thoughts. I have to say that I haven’t regretted my decision to dive in even once – I love being part of this group.

Last night, I became curious about Podcasts, for no apparent reason but that I had seen them mentioned on Twitter, so I asked the question…

Screenshot 2020-05-04 at 14.52.15

I really didn’t expect to get any answers, but I did and have discovered all sorts of things. Anyone can make a podcast, there are apps to help and there is a wealth of experience on #edutwitter to help someone to make their own podcast. The app Anchor was mentioned and so, purely out of curiosity, I downloaded it and played around with it. Before I knew what had happened I had created this…

Screenshot 2020-05-04 at 14.56.27

You see this is what happens with my curiosity – I tend to be like Alice in Wonderland (which is why I often use gifs with her in) as I end up falling down all sorts of rabbit holes and never know where I am going to end up.

My curiosity has led me to wonder if there is a place in the world for a Podcast that celebrates the Tinier Voices in education and if there was, would anyone even want to be on it? #TinyVoiceTuesday came into being because I wanted the ‘Tinies’ to be heard and this is now happening. Is a podcast the next step?

My curiosity means that I am fascinated about people and love to learn things from them. Selfishly, I could learn so much from the ‘Tinier Educators’ if I interviewed them for a podcast. I have to be honest and say that this is all in its infancy in my head but I am curious to know your thoughts.

Should I do a podcast celebrating the ‘Tiny Voices in Education’?

If I do who should I have on it?

Would you be interested on being on it?

Please let me know your thoughts – my curiosity would really value them….


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