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#DailyWritingChallenge: Love

When I was little I created a club called the ‘Love is… Club’ dedicated to the cartoons by Kim Casali. I used to love opening up the newspaper and looking at  the cartoon for that day. I would cut it out and bring it into school to discuss it with the other members of the ‘Love is…Club’. I had completely forgotten about that club or those cartoons until I started to write this. Sadly, due to copyright, I can’t post one of those cartoons here, but there will be a few of you who will remember the cartoons I mean.

In honour of that club, but sadly without the illustrations, this blog is just about what ‘love is’ to me.

Love is…

  1. worrying;

  2. caring;

  3. waiting for someone even when they are delayed;

  4. being there;

  5. being utterly willing to go through the pain of child-birth.

Love is…

  1. sacrificing;

  2. trusting;

  3. tiring (staying awake with a teething baby);

  4. standing on the edge of a football match on a cold, wet day watching my daughter play football and brimming with pride;

  5. being excited to see my husband walk through the door, even though I have been with him for 25 years.

Love is…

  1. quiet;

  2. kindness;

  3. calling my mum every day just to hear her say hi;

  4. remembering that birthday, anniversary, celebration;

  5. letting my daughter use my make-up!

Love is…

  1. listening;

  2. hopeful;

  3. painful;

  4. letting go;

  5. life-changing.

Love is the greatest gift that we can give to one another.


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