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#DailyWritingChallenge: Loyalty

“Loyalty isn’t grey. It’s black and white. You’re either loyal completely or not at all.”


True – I can’t be a ‘little bit’ loyal, but I think I am a mix of being fiercely loyal and unbelievably disloyal depending on what we are discussing.

I am unbelievably disloyal when it comes to purchasing anything. Take for example make-up – when I need some, I will flit from shop to shop looking for the best gift available with two purchases and feign brand loyalty! I love a deal and am the best customer for buy one get one free – I have no brand loyalty, not even when it comes to food products, I just want the best deal. Utterly and shamelessly disloyal!

However, I am fiercely loyal when it comes to my friends and family. I probably place loyalty as one of the greatest values I would want and hope for in any friend. Friends have come and gone in my life, but the ones that remain, are those who have stood shoulder to shoulder with me when times have been tough. They have not turned away, disappeared or spoken behind my back and I have repaid their loyalty in kind. I have been there when they have lived through challenging times – I have listened, supported and equally not talked behind their back.

I have discovered as I have gotten older, that whilst friends may disappear, family remain. I didn’t value family as much when I was younger but I absolutely do now – I love them to my core and am fiercely loyal to each member of my immediate and extended family. They may annoy me at times but they are my family and I would walk over hot coals for each and every one of them.

Recently, I have found that I have an increased loyalty to strangers through Twitter and #TinyVoiceTuesday. My fierce loyalty seems to have attached itself to the ‘Tinies’ and the #TVTTagTeam which is so strange. How can I feel so committed in my loyalty to people I have never met face to face? Utterly bizarre!

I can’t write a post about loyalty without mentioning cats and dogs. I adore my cats, but fundamentally they aren’t that bothered about being my cats, they just want food (preferably with gravy), somewhere to sleep and someone to open and close the door (or velux window)! I remember my mum once had a cat who moved in with her neighbour – I’m guessing they had better food and service. Cats are shamelessly disloyal just like me when I am shopping.

Dogs on the other hand are the epitome of loyalty. Dogs are pack animals and in order for a pack to survive in the wild, their members must work together to overcome dangers. They must trust, co-operate and put the pack’s interests first. This may explain why dogs often put their own lives in danger to protect their owners – I haven’t seen a cat do that (but maybe that’s just mine).



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