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#DailyWritingChallenge: Trust

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that two months ago I set up #TinyVoiceTuesday. This was born out of frustration as no one ever answered my questions and I wanted to create a place where other ‘tiny voices’ could ask a question and be answered.

As this became more successful I formed the #TVTTagTeam. I wanted to create a group of professionals that I could tag into the questions being asked – experts in their field so to speak. Heads, Executive Heads, Senior Leaders, Middle Leaders, Teachers, Teaching Assistants, HR professionals and many others answered the call. They are all regularly tagged in questions linked to their areas of expertise and can be identified by the hashtag that many have after their name or on their profile.

To be clear, I have never met any of these people (well actually, that’s not true, I know one of them in real life)! I have put my trust in complete strangers, as they have in me. We are working together, as professionals, to help other professionals. We are not a secret society or clique and I unreservedly placed my trust in each person that came forward saying that they would like to help.

However, last week I had a few messages from people who were not happy with something that someone had said or done. They messaged me because the people they were unhappy with had the #TVTTagTeam on their name or profile. I found nothing untoward, but it made me question the trust that the #TVTTagTeam and I had sincerely placed in one another.

After a great deal of thinking, my trust remains as resolute in all those in the #TVTTagTeam as it ever was. I may not have met any of them in real life, I may not have chatted to them face to face but I trust that they are part of it because they want to help others in the profession, just as I do. I trust that they will conduct themselves as professionals, as they trust that I will. I trust that they will support and guide others, because that is what being part of the #TVTTagTeam means.

I can’t be responsible for timelines and/ or views therefore I have placed my trust in each member, just as those that have formed other hashtags do e.g.#WomenEd and #eytwittertagteam. The #TVTTagTeam is inclusive not exclusive and over the past week another 18 professionals have come forward to offer their support and I hope that many more will too.

#TVTTagTeam thank you for placing your trust in me as I have in you – together we are helping to support the tiny voices and that is a good thing!



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