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Everybody’s Bubbling!

I have never been prouder of being part of the teaching profession than I am currently – educators are wonderful! In the midst of an international pandemic we have found and learnt new ways of teaching and overcome many hurdles so that we can still provide our young people with learning opportunities.

This week, many of us began ‘bubbling’. For the uninitiated, bubbling is ‘teaching a bubble’ and educators are doing this all over the country. I have loved seeing the way that this has brought us together mentally and emotionally (not physically due to social distancing), as we have sought guidance and advice from others.

Here are some top tips from those who have already bubbled and a few great resources. Thank you to everyone who contributed and I hope it helps to alleviate any concerns you may have. Please share far and wide. Thank you!

I should say that I have ‘loosely’ attempted to colour code it (very loosely) –

  1. pink – wellbeing

  2. green – early years and key stage 1 bubbles

  3. yellow – year 6 bubble

  4. blue – key-worker bubble

  5. purple – hygiene

  6. white – resources and other bits

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#Morningbrewed today was devoted to the wider reopening of schools and diversity – click on the link to watch myself, Mark, Graham, Ed, Liam and Jazz chatting about these great topics.

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