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My Learning Environments

I recently wrote about the learning environment being the second teacher:

Is your Classroom the Second Teacher?

The classroom environment can both support and enrich the learning of all children so I thought I would share my thoughts on an area that I am incredibly passionate about.

Over the past few weeks, I have seen some wonderful pictures of learning environments on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Yet, I have also read comments from others saying that ‘newer’ teachers are the only ones who care about their classroom looking beautiful and that it needs to be functional and not beautiful. I believe it can be both and below are pictures of various classrooms I have had over the years. I believe that they have been functional, powerful learning environments – but they have also been beautiful and I have really enjoyed creating them.

I would love to see all of your learning environments so below ‘my gallery’ is my ‘learning environment padlet’ – at the moment it has got great advice but not many pictures, so please add your photos and celebrate the great learning environments that you have and are creating!

Made with Padlet

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and please feel free to add a comment and share with others.

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