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How are you feeling? Emotionally, physically, mentally?

Are you looking after yourself? Are you eating well? Getting enough sleep? Making time for exercise?

How is your mental health?

Most people go into teaching because they care and want to make a difference but what I have observed with colleagues over the years and what I have heard when I have been coaching, is that teachers forget to look after themselves.

Do you do that?

Are you so focused on being there for others that you forget to take a break, have your lunch or even go to the toilet?

Teacher 5 A Day, conceived of by Martyn Reah a few years ago, seeks to redress that balance and remind teachers to do five things each day for their own wellbeing.

  1. #Connect

  2. #Notice

  3. #Learn

  4. #Volunteer

  5. #Exercise

I chatted to Martyn about how he does this on a recent episode of Tiny Voice Talks -

Remembering to do these five things is hard though, so I have worked with Martyn and others in the #Teacher5ADay steering group to create a series of MiniPods. They are each about 5 minutes long and each episode is devoted to a different area of the #Teacher5ADay. Our hope is that you will be able to use them in the middle of your day to help you stop, breathe and re-balance.

I am releasing the first one with this post and in it, Dr Sue Roffey talks about 'noticing' -

To ensure that you don't miss the release of the 'mini pods' just subscribe to the podcast -

The #Teacher5ADay community on Twitter is a great one to be part of and find your voice in. To join in share your #connect, #notice, #learn, #volunteer and #exercise moments and don't forget to use the hashtag #Teacher5ADay too.

Our wellbeing is paramount as it is impossible to look after others if we don't look after ourselves first so take time for you - after all, it is only a few minutes!


The Tiny Voices Talk book is out now - order from Independent Thinking and get 25% off with the code - ITL25.

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