The Adventures of Grandad Wheels by Brian Abram

A few weeks ago I interviewed Brian for my podcast - check it out here

I was due to write a blog post to go alongside it, however I like Brian and I love his books, so I thought that my review might be slightly biased.

To counter this, I decided to ask four of the children from my class to write honest reviews about the 'Grandad Wheels' series......

Tiny Voice Talks - Cameron

This series of books is based on a boy called Charlie and his Grandad, “Grandad Wheels,” who after a childhood accident broke his back that left him in a wheelchair – and that’s is actually true!

Grandad can’t get up to all the crazy things that Charlie can do, so he sets out to make his Grandad’s life fun by taking him on all sorts of funny, exciting and sometimes dangerous adventures together, involving skateparks, supermarkets, jet packs made from fire extinguishers, and a granny piled in frozen chips!

It’s an amazing series to read because it changed my view on how people who are in wheelchairs could live. Grandad Wheels adventures h