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The Adventures of Grandad Wheels by Brian Abram

A few weeks ago I interviewed Brian for my podcast - check it out here

I was due to write a blog post to go alongside it, however I like Brian and I love his books, so I thought that my review might be slightly biased.

To counter this, I decided to ask four of the children from my class to write honest reviews about the 'Grandad Wheels' series......

Tiny Voice Talks - Cameron

This series of books is based on a boy called Charlie and his Grandad, “Grandad Wheels,” who after a childhood accident broke his back that left him in a wheelchair – and that’s is actually true!

Grandad can’t get up to all the crazy things that Charlie can do, so he sets out to make his Grandad’s life fun by taking him on all sorts of funny, exciting and sometimes dangerous adventures together, involving skateparks, supermarkets, jet packs made from fire extinguishers, and a granny piled in frozen chips!

It’s an amazing series to read because it changed my view on how people who are in wheelchairs could live. Grandad Wheels adventures have shown me that they can still enjoy everything in life but in a slightly different way.

The author, (Grandad Wheels), uses humorous language and great illustrations to make his books fun to read. I would recommend these books to younger readers, (aged 5-9).

I REALLY enjoyed reading them!

Tiny Voice Talks - Isla

Charlie and his grandad are always on crazy adventures, so Charlie's grandad can have fun even though he is in a wheelchair. The adventures keep getting better as the books go on. They spread from a fire extinguisher to grandad becoming Santa. Granny is never happy when they get back from their adventures!

I would recommend these books because they are really exiting and fun to read.

Tiny Voice Talks - Sofia

The 'Grandad Wheels' books are an interesting series of children's books and it tells children about disabilities and that everyone is equal, no matter what. It shows you that you can still do the things you like. Charlie (Grandad's grandson) shows Grandad that you can still do fun and amazing things in life. Most of the time, these adventures end up in bad situations, like the furious shop manager and granny covered in frozen chips!

I recommend these books for five years and over. I hope you enjoy these fantastic books!

Tiny Voice Talks - Poppy

Charlie and Grandad 'Grandad Wheels' are always getting up to no good, going on their mischievous adventures. It's actually true that Grandad is in a wheelchair, he had a major bike accident. Now, Charlie has decided to take Grandad on really fun and exciting adventures! I really enjoy reading these books because Grandad can still have lots of fun with Charlie even in his wheelchair.

I also really like these books because Charlie and Grandad are always exploring different places and are never on the same adventure. They went on an adventure to a skatepark at first, although Grandad didn't know what was happening or where Charlie was taking him. They also went to the supermarket 'Cheapfoods' and Charlie sneakily put a fire extinguisher on the back of Grandad's wheelchair and he went flying into Granny and she fell into a freezer with loads of frozen chips!

I definitely recommend for you to read these books if you like funny, exciting, adventurous and heart-warming stories.

Back to me...

I have to say that Poppy, Cameron, Isla and Sofia's views mirror those of my entire class. Every single child (year 4) loved Brian's books and their hope is that he publishes another one very very soon.

If you want to get your own copies, go to

I truly can't recommend them enough!

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