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The Wellbeing Curriculum by Andrew Cowley

Back when the days were long and the sun was high in the sky, I received a copy of 'The Wellbeing Curriculum' to read and review. Wow! Just Wow! Andrew's new book leads on beautifully from his previous one, 'The Wellbeing Toolkit', and is a clear guide to help primary teachers and leaders embed wellbeing in all areas of school life.

I wrote the review and then I read and re-read this wonderful book. When my children returned in September, I started implementing Andrew's sage advice in my classroom and began to see the impact of his words immediately.

In October three exciting things happened related to the book -

  1. I received a hard copy of the book 'The Wellbeing Curriculum' and was so pleased to see that my endorsement was amidst its pages.

  2. Andrew invited me to the launch of his new book and asked me to speak alongside the most phenomenal group of people (I have to say I was more terrified than excited about the speaking part).

  3. I interviewed Andrew for my podcast 'Tiny Voice Talks'.

On Monday 25th October. I recorded the podcast with Andrew. For an hour I listened to his dulcet tones as he talked about the importance of wellbeing and ensuring that wellbeing was at the heart of all that we do in schools. I scribbled and noted and asked a thousand questions. Everything he says makes so much sense! To listen to the podcast just click on the link.

On Wednesday 27th October the book launch occurred and it was wonderful to be part of - but I have to be honest and say that I did have feelings of inadequacy - who wouldn't alongside this bunch (watch the video).

If you have watched, you will see what I say about the importance of Andrew's book and the impact it will have on our children if we, as educators, embrace it.

Andrew's knowledge of wellbeing is wonderful and his determination to see our young people thrive immense so please listen, watch and more than that get the book - you truly won't regret it!

P.S. I am not being paid commission, I just think it is a really good book!

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