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Tiny Voice Talks - The Book

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

When a tiny voice talks, three amazing things happen:

1. They share surprising insights and ideas

2. They realise they are not so tiny

3. They empower other tiny voices to talk too.

If you have taken part in the Tiny Voice Talks community or listened to or been on the podcast you may have noticed or even experienced these three things. Due to these reasons, I have decided that we need a Tiny Voice Talks book and Crown House Publishing agrees!

Yes I am pinching myself and also jumping up and down for joy- we are going to have a Tiny Voice Talks book! I couldn't be happier that the Tiny Voices in education have another opportunity to be heard! Just look at all the exclamation marks!

This book is going to be a great resource full of practical ideas and little wins from tiny voices across the educational spectrum. Where tiny voices talk to tiny voices. Although we will have many tiny voices covering many different topics, the Golden Thread that holds it all together - and what will make this book truly special - is what it also reveals about the power we have when we find our voice and use it.

There are big people with big voices in education, yet they are in the minority. The majority consists of great people just getting on doing great things. Often these wonderful educators lack the confidence to speak up and share their classroom successes or to speak out when things don’t feel right. Yet, all too often, when they do great things happen.

I am therefore calling for submissions – your submissions - so please consider finding your voice and sharing your wisdom, tip or story with me. Have your voice heard! Remember, I want voices from across the educational spectrum, so yes that is yours!

If you want to send in a submission and have your voice heard, then this is what you need to know:-

  • · Your voice is your voice so you can use it in any way that you want when writing your submission.

  • · I am not giving you a word count as this can be incredibly constraining, just keep in mind that you are writing a contribution and not the whole book.

  • · Imagine you are writing to the teacher who has great ideas, is passionate about education but doesn’t always know how to get their voice heard – your writing is going to directly help them. Keeping that person in mind when you write will really help.

  • · If you use quotes or references then please make sure you follow Harvard referencing rules.

  • · If you use acronyms please make sure that the first time you use full words with the acronym in brackets e.g. Early Career Teacher (ECT)

  • · Include a title and your name (and post nominals if appropriate).

  • · Please include a 50 word bio and your contact details alongside the submission.

  • · Email me your submission on with the subject Tiny Voice Talks – The Book and your name

  • · The deadline is Sunday 25th July.

  • · And remember that Golden Thread. This is more than just a top tips book!

So what are you waiting for? Get writing, so that we can all hear your voice.

When Tiny Voices talk to Tiny Voices, everyone wins. And in a big way!

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