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Tiny Voice Talks – The Podcast!

If you had told me a year ago that I would have a blog (which people would read), three hash-tags on Twitter (which people would use) and would be running an all day event for educationalists at the end of August #BrewEdFindYourVoice (, I would never have believed you. If you had then told me that I would also have a podcast I would have thought that you were mentally deranged!

Yesterday though, Tiny Voice Talks – The Podcast was launched – I couldn’t believe it! As many of you know #TinyVoiceTuesday came about because I wanted to give people a voice – I wanted to ensure that no educationalist would go unheard. #TinyVoiceTuesdayUnites was then born to enable educationalists to have a forum to chat and get to know one another in a supportive arena.

I wanted to do more though!

I have spoken on a few podcasts and loved being given these opportunities and I wanted to do this for others. So, Tiny Voice Talks – The Podcast was born!

My first guest was someone who I didn’t even know in 2019. In 2020, I met her through Twitter and she has become a good friend. A passionate educationalist, Sharifah Lee and I talked about performance development, the power of connection and so much more – it truly felt like chatting to one of my oldest and dearest friends.

I can’t quite believe that 24 hours after the podcast went live, 100 people have already listened to it – thank you! Your support means so much!

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I now need more guests though, so…

Do you want to be on my podcast?

Would you like your voice to be heard?

Do you want people to know about something exciting that you are doing?

If you answered yes to any of these questions – then please get in touch!

Fill in the contact form and let me know what you would like to talk about – each episode will be linked to a topic e.g. Tiny Voice Talks Reading, Tiny Voice Talks Representation, Tiny Voice Talks Primary, Tiny Voice Talks Governance etc and it is down to all of you what these topics will be.

This podcast is for all of you, so come along and find your voice!

#BrewEdFindYourVoice #education

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