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Tiny Voices Really Do Talk

As many of you know, I started my podcast two weeks ago. It was an idea, a hope, a dream that maybe I could get the voices of every-day educators out there, for other every-day educators to hear. Who knew that I would learn so much or come away from every conversation with goose-pimples.

Episode one of my podcast began with Sharifah Lee - one of the most passionate educators who I have ever had the pleasure of talking to. She wants change and is living her values in order to change the future for her children and her children's children.

Episode two, I spoke to Shuaib Khan who defines himself as a British Muslim. He is a humanities teacher who lives and breathes his grandfather's values. Shuaib wants to rid the world of all inequality and is determined to do just this.

Episode three, I spoke to Ben Brown who is passionate about the power of collaboration. He believes, as do I, that when educators collaborate anything is possible.

Over 500 people have already listened to these three episodes and I am genuinely shocked!

This week I have carried out a number of pre-podcast interviews and started recording podcasts that will go out over the next half-term. Every conversation that I have had has caused me to reflect and all have touched my heart. So what is coming up?

  • Tiny Voice Talks Belief with Caitlin Bracken

  • Tiny Voice Talks Authenticity with Matt Dechaine

  • Tiny Voice Talks Creativity with Maria Wojciechowska

  • Tiny Voice Talks Going Global with Evo Hannan

  • Tiny Voice Talks Investment with Nic Owen

  • Tiny Voice Talks Becoming with Teacher Paul

  • Tiny Voice Talks Uniqueness with Lesley Barrington

  • Tiny Voice Talks Kindness with John Magee

  • Tiny Voice Talks Potential with Julia Skinner

There are also others I have lined up, but they are my secret for the time being.

I genuinely want to thank everyone who has come on and had their voice heard. I have learnt so much from you and I am so pleased that you have truly found your voice! If you want to have your voice heard, then please get in touch!

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