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Tiny Voices Talk

You may have opened up this post wondering why and how I have got the 'Tiny Voice Talks' name wrong. You may even be considering messaging me to say that I have put the 's' in the wrong place. No need. 'Tiny Voices Talk' isn't the thread or the podcast but it is the book. Yes, the book!

On May 1st 2021, I put a post out asking for submissions - - I was sent loads. I spent the summer of 2021 reading through them and organising them into some sort of book - I had never done anything like this before and was clueless. Soon after sending my attempt to the publisher, which by the way I thought was the finished article, I discovered that a tome with thousands of pages was out of the question. So, with the help of Ian Gilbert (my editor) and the fabulous people at Crown House, I began again

It has been a labour of love but I am so incredibly proud of the book that we have created. I called it Tiny Voices Talk because it isn't one voice, but thirty seven voices. In my opinion, it is a remarkable book full of tips, insights and practical approaches from educators with small voices but big ideas. There are educators from across the educational spectrum and they share fantastic practice and a deep understanding of how to get the best out of children of all ages. There are chapters on mentoring, metacognitive skills, period education, trauma-informed practice, nurturing curious learners and finding flow in the classroom. My hope is, that these voices are able to speak quietly to practitioners everywhere.

Tiny Voices Talk though isn't just a book, it is a call to action. Whoever you are, you have a voice too. Find it and use it! After all, big voices (and big egos) in education are just the loud minority. The majority consists of educators and leaders (like you) just getting on with the job. And always with children at the heart of things. I am truly hoping that this book will inspire everyone to find and use their voice - and when tiny voices talk to tiny voices, everyone wins.

I am waiting on a publication date but it is coming soon, so subscribe to the website to be kept up to date. I nearly forgot to say that you can pre-order your copy now. Here's the link -

I genuinely can't wait for you to read it!

Catch up on the latest episodes on the Tiny Voice Talks Podcast. 

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