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Back in March 2020, I created the #TVTTagTeam as a team of people I could tag into questions asked by others on Twitter - the quieter voices who may not otherwise receive an answer. That first weekend of launching the idea, 160 people said they wanted to help and became part of the #TVTTagTeam. As 2020 progressed more and more people asked if they could be in the team - the team now has over 320 educators using the hashtag and ready to be tagged.

I have got a couple problems though that I didn't envisage - if I am honest. Firstly, I get tagged into so much (I never imagined that would happen), that I am missing questions being asked. Sorry to anyone who has tagged me into a question that I haven't responded to - I probably haven't seen it. The other problem I have is that a number of people who I do tag in aren't responding. They may well have left Twitter - a lot has happened since March 2020!

So it seems only fair on the tag team and those wanting their questions answered if I make it slightly simpler. In case you didn't know, #TVTTagTeam now stands for #TinyVoiceTalks tag team, so it seems sensible to link the tag team to the #TinyVoiceTalks thread every Tuesday. So many people are joining in with #TinyVoiceTalks on a Tuesday and lots of questions are asked on there so if you are in the #TVTTagTeam can you actively answer those questions without being tagged in? I know some of you do this already so thank you. Also, by going on and introducing yourself as part of the #TVTTagTeam who is ready and willing to help with questions, resources and support, people will know you are there.

I will continue to tag the team into questions but I need to see them. That being the case, if you have an educational question you would like the answer to, could you please DM me with a link to the tweet you want retweeted to the team? That would be really helpful and hopefully will mean that I won't lose anymore questions.

Finally, if you signed up to the #TVTTagTeam but no longer want to commit to it can you please let me know. By commit, I mean regularly going on #TinyVoiceTalks on Tuesdays and answering questions you are tagged in. In fact to make it even easier...if you are an existing member of the #TVTTagTeam can you fill in this form - it shouldn't take more than two minutes (if that).

Thank you to everyone on the team for all that you do for others - you are truly amazing!

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