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We Heard You!

#TinyVoiceTuesday began on Tuesday 11th February 2020 and it has been wonderful that so many tiny voices have been heard over the past four weeks. Thank you to everyone who has listened, responded and retweeted – you have really helped #TinyVoiceTuesday to succeed.

This post consists of a number of the questions asked by the Tiny Voices, in case the questions and subsequent answers help others – just click on the Twitter username above the question and it will take you to the thread. Please add to the thread with your ideas too – the more responses the better. I have attempted to organise the questions into groups and alphabetically, in the hope that you will be able to navigate through them more easily – hopefully I have done this in a way that makes sense to you too!

If you have a question that you would like answered on #TinyVoiceTuesday then tweet it on Tuesday, include the hashtag #TinyVoiceTuesday and tag me into the tweet @toriaclaire. If you follow me, you will know that I send out lots of reminders on Monday so that everyone remembers to ask their questions on Tuesday. If you would like these reminders, all you need to do is follow me – @toriaclaire.

I hope you find this post useful. If you do, please comment below and if I get a positive response, I will do a post like this each month which will summarise the #TinyVoiceTuesday questions for that month!

Have a wonderful week!

Art/ Photography


Any #photography teachers out there? Although I’m Art trained,It’s my first year teaching photography as a specialist subject. Looking for ideas/inspiration that could engage my class of eager learners – Thanks in advance!



#TinyVoiceTuesday does anyone have any good ideas for an assembly on lent that I can do tomorrow?



Morning! What do your lovely primary schools do about attendance and punctuality? Reward high %? Is there another way when it isn’t the child’s fault if they are absent/late?



I’m in the process of re-writing my schools behaviour policy. Does anyone have any tips? Good examples for me to look at it? Or any advice? Thanking you all in advance!


#TinyVoiceTuesday Any strategies for that very enthusiastic, needs to be heard, child, who can’t help but jump up and call out (even when we have no hands up/lolly sticks/behaviour chart/show on your hands/wbs and other strategies in place as a class/school to reduce this!)


How can you help someone who seems to think they don’t need to listen to any instructions? Particularly in writing?


Afternoon all, I’m a year 3 teacher in a large junior school. Looking to develop resilience in children at school and at home. #TinyVoiceTuesday


Thinking with my HOY hat on this morning. In my current year 9 cohort, I have 60% male and the ‘lad culture’, aggressive behaviour and immaturity can sometimes be an issue. Does anyone have any creative ideas to address these issues?


I’m a TA and whenever I read to the yr6class there is a lot of low level whispering/ chatting/ distraction… I think it’s because they aren’t used to being read to (it’s not a daily occurrence) and also because the teacher isn’t there…any advice?!

Blogging/ Writing


I’m new to Twitter, tweeting about life, teaching & mental health. Plan to start blogging if I ever get time – any tips on how/where to start, good blog host sites that are free etc? Thanks

Career Advice


Best tips for finding your first job please. What should I be doing/looking for to find the right school?


It’s my mid performance appraisal on Thursday and I want to talk about my professional development. We’ve been asked to come up with ideas. Eventually I want to be SLT so what is the most vital experiences you’ve had and what do you recommend I do?


If you could give one piece of advice and ONE piece only to an NQT what would it be?



I’m hoping that there might be someone on #TinyVoiceTuesday who is currently using Microsoft Teams with their classes? Thinking of introducing it at FE & HE (in place of a VLE) but would love to have some more info if people had it!


Currently having issues with our Classroom Management Software. I need to be able to both lock screens & show my screen to pupils in my classroom without PCs losing connection. Does anybody have any recommendations for software that’s reliable?



I’m moving into #EAL teaching at an international school and keen to connect with other teachers, especially those based in Asia. #TinyVoiceTuesday

Early Years


How do you encourage EYFS children to read at home? Last year I had no problems with this whereas this year I only have a handful of children who read regularly!


I’ve got year R-2 altogether for WBD on Thursday. I’d like to do something very interactive/continuous provision style. Any ideas? I was thinking something along the lines of making porridge, and then making 3 bears chairs in the woods…

Feedback & Marking


Good morning #TinyVoiceTuesday I am looking for advice/evidence on ks3 assessment and no marking. I am trialling a few things but it’s always useful to get other peoples’ ideas.

Key Stage 1


I’m wanting to look at how I implement continuous provision better in my classroom. It’s my first year in Year 1 and I feel like I’m not getting it quite right. How do others do it? #TinyVoiceTuesday


I am about to start my final PGCE placement in KS1. Does anyone have any advice.



#TinyVoiceTuesday looking to connect with leaders who have struggled with a setback – looking for your stories, tips and advice!


I’m looking for out of the box thinking about leading writing. Trying to develop teaching and learning without emphasis on observations and book looks. So far I have had gap planning discussions with staff which went really well.


Morning all #TinyVoiceTuesdayUnites today I am pondering how best to help staff engage with research evidence. Any ideas greatly received! #TinyVoiceTuesday


If you were to implement a research informed initiative (having considered your own context obviously) would you a) Show all staff the research and allow them to comment etc or b) Do a light touch and then have the research available for those who wish to know more/ don’t engage?


I’m looking for some different views from #TinyVoiceTuesday. We are redoing our KS3 schemes and have been toying with amount of guidance to give staff. Do people prefer prescriptive & resourced schemes of work, or freedom to plan and map your own based on some objectives? Thanks!


I would love to connect with other heads of years! How do you encourage your tutors to get more invested in their tutor group?


I’m looking for good research articles about team teaching or other strategies used to improve and support colleagues in developing the quality of teaching. Any recommendations of articles or good education research journals?


Experienced teachers can be reluctant to engage in coaching. Why do you think this is?


I will be conducting research into ‘Investigating the impact of coaching middle leadership versus a classroom teacher’. Any good pre-reading articles out there?



I’ve been set a target for September to “explore teaching techniques across the maths curriculum” (KS1/2). I’m putting together a notebook of different lessons/strategies I come across Is there any suggestions from #edutwitter of maths lessons/topics that you think you’ve taught really well? Please share!


Y6 / KS2 minds help please- can children be given working out/method marks in SATS for bar models…? Never mentioned in mark schemes etc but it’s a popular method?


A while ago I started teaching etymology in Maths – life changing. Anyone else?

Minds & Mindsets


Can anyone pls share research to back up this quote? “It takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain – unless it is done with play, in which case, it takes between 10-20 repetitions.”


I have recently seen a survey where the majority of people voted that growth mindset theories don’t work. What are your thoughts and why? I’m interested in updating my understanding of this.

Outdoor Learning


I would like to connect with people and share thoughts on the impact outdoor learning has on children- primary and secondary- my own interest is speech and language and attachment #TinyVoiceTuesday


#TinyVoiceTuesday Looking to improve my knowledge on children spending time outdoors- Forest school ideals applied to all primary years. Does anyone have any good practice to share or interesting lessons/experience!


We have an annual ‘outdoors day’ and are always looking for ideas! Thank you!



Anyone willing to share (briefly!) what you use to assess reading across your primary school and/or what you use to get reading ages for the children. Thank you!


Anyone willing to share their experiences of using NFER reading tests for assessment? Positive and negative please.


Has anyone ever done a Book In A Jar competition?


Hi Anyone got a full proof way of teaching kids how to write great book reviews for year5\6? Want sprinkle library with them but want to teach pricess first. Ta in advance


#TinyVoiceTuesday what is everybody doing for World Book Day next Thursday?


We are looking to revamp how we assess children’s reading. We did PM Benchmark but not effective so looking for ideas.


Good morning #TinyVoiceTuesday folk, I’m after your wisdom! Started medium-term supply in mixed Y1/2 and there’s nothing in place for guided reading. Is it better to do ability-based carousel activities in KS1 or can whole class reading work? If so, how?


Morning #TinyVoiceTuesday I’m a year 6 teacher and part of the reading team. How do you promote reading for pleasure in your school?


I’m a TA and completing my dissertation for my BA(Hons) before I start my SCITT year in September. I’m passionate about reading for pleasure and interested to hear about how I can engage reluctant readers to read. Thanks!


Whole Class Reading. Thoughts? What works well? Resource recommendations. Always good to try and get different perspectives…



#TinyVoiceTuesday I’m really looking to network with more teachers in the twitter-sphere. I post a lot of Science related things.


I want to get into textbook writing. I’ve done some practice paper writing which I enjoy but would like to do some more of that or similar. Anyone have any contacts?


Anonymous Tiny Voice,

…is attending an ‘Intro to Portage’ course tomorrow & is a bit worried about posting it. Is there anyone who can shed some light into what could be included & give some advice to a young practitioner attending courses? #TinyVoiceTuesday


Morning #TinyVoiceTuesday I am trying to raise awareness of hidden disabilities in FE but currently feel like I am falling flat on my face.



#TinyVoiceTuesday would love to connect with #edutwitter community and hear about people’s ideas and experiences to improve staff and/or student well-being. 


#TinyVoiceTuesday top tips for teacher wellbeing and reducing workload please


Does anyone have a links, resources or tips for voice care? I’m currently teaching all day and then presenting/leading meetings after school. I don’t have the strongest voice anyway. #TinyVoiceTuesday



A writing query. When a child’s work doesn’t make sense I’ve been advised to have them read it out loud so they can hear the mistake. This makes sense in theory but in practise, from my experience, the child still thinks it makes sense. Any ideas out there? #TinyVoiceTuesday


Wondering if anyone could share their overview for teaching grammar in KS2. Trying to rejig things to ensure previous years learning isn’t lost. Very interested in spaced out learning.


Trying to think of some engaging writing ideas for my 3/4 class based on Escape from Pompeii. So far I’m thinking before and after senses maps to aid before and after setting descriptions, diary entries and newspapers. Not sure what direction to go in.


At a recent moderation,we were told to jettison newspaper reports in UKS2 due to the difficulties of emulating a journalistic style. I must admit, I dislike newspaper reports, but what’s the general consensus?


Looking to build on my vocabulary work in year 5. What are your go tos? Any favourite books that support your teaching? The children have come such a long way so now I need to up my own game and shake things up a bit. #tinyvoicetuesday


Ok #TinyVoiceTuesday I have 5 of my class , whose spelling is very, very, very weak. What are your best pieces of advice on spelling? Dyslexic spelling strategies?


I’m interested to know how people teach spellings at school. Do teachers still send home weekly spelling lists? How do you ensure children can then apply the rule – love to hear peoples thoughts.

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